Thought Leadership

Getting Past Stop: Rural Health Guide to Moving Forward with Facility Investments

May 16, 2024

MAY 16 — In partnership with NRHA, Stroudwater Capital Partners CEO, Brian Haapala, takes a detailed look at the considerations for rural healthcare facility planning in the current investment landscape and explores the most common reasons facility plans get stuck at ‘Stop’.

Watch and learn the best practices for keeping plans moving forward based on case studies and research from the field and gain an understanding of successful planning strategies while mitigating capital risks.

Learning objectives:

  • Recognize and Navigate Facility Planning Challenges: Learn to understand and handle the complexities of healthcare facility planning in the current economic climate.
  • Identify Funding and Capital Sources: Explore sources of capital to meet community-specific needs, and how to minimize risks in securing funding.
  • Apply Practical Strategies Through Case Studies: Gain hands-on insights and practical tools for evaluating readiness from our special panel guest Arlene Harms, CEO of Rio Grande Hospital in Del Norte, CO.

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