Driven by a vision of
equitable care for all.

Stroudwater Capital Partners makes investments in vital infrastructure not only possible, but innovative and efficient. Through high-impact projects in underserved areas, we’re on a mission to make widespread health a reality, one community at a time.

Our Work

Rural care providers need transformative funding.
We saw a way to help.

Stroudwater Capital Partners began as a partnership with Stroudwater Associates, the nation’s leading strategic advisor to rural healthcare systems. Serving communities from Alaska to Maine since 1985, Stroudwater Associates has a storied legacy in our industry, and this continued collaboration has been key to our success. Together, our respected capabilities and rich knowledge of the USDA lending system allow us to bring unprecedented aid to our partnerships across the country.

Meet The Team

Our experience is on your side, every step of the way.

Brian Haapala, MHSA


A man of many passions, Brian is a former radio DJ, youth football coach, and college cheerleader who currently loves to sail. When life slows down, he and his family can be found crisscrossing the country in a vintage RV dubbed Rosie the Roadboat.

Brian Haapala has served as trusted advisor to health executives for over two decades, focused on developing sustainable healthcare systems in rural communities.

Throughout his career, Brian has planned/financed over $1.5 billion in facility projects, including replacements, renovations, and expansions for critical access hospitals, health centers, and clinics. He holds a masters degree in hospital administration and has dedicated his career over two decades to serving rural people and places as a consultant and banker and has been board-certified in healthcare management and licensed as a financial advisor and municipal securities representative. He additionally serves as an instructor for the National Rural Health Associations CFO Certification Program.

Access to healthcare is something many of us don’t think about—until the moment we need it. That moment came for me in 2016, when I suffered five ischemic strokes in the course of two weeks. I was fortunate to find quick access to the care I needed, and now spend each day working towards a future where more people have the same opportunity."

Macey Spears

Relationship Officer

Macey grew up on a Texas cattle ranch and loves making the time to get outdoors. She is married to her high school sweetheart and has three Labradoodles at home. A lover of travel, she is always awaiting her next adventure.

A graduate of Mississippi College, Macey Spears brings a passion for finance to the world of rural healthcare. Directly out of college, Macey’s work with a private investment bank first connected to SCP founder Brian Haapala. More than a decade later, she has helped support capital investment projects totaling over $500 million.

In early 2021, Macey rejoined Brian to develop Stroudwater Capital Partners, bringing USDA investments to rural communities and increasing access to quality healthcare across the country. Today, Macey plays a key role in shepherding these impactful deals, each highlighting her expertise in USDA Processing and the USDA Community Facilities program.

I love working in rural healthcare. There is a massive need for access in our county, but this work is deeply relational, not transactional. I take so much pride in seeing the projects we support come to life.”

Jolene Robichaud

Project Administrator

Jolene is a lifelong Mainer and Second City improv team veteran who has ghostwritten several published books (she won’t reveal which ones, but hopes you’ll trust that they’re great).

Jolene came to SCP following a lengthy career in education and arts non-profit work across the country. SCP’s mission to strengthen rural areas, as well as its outlook on the value of these places, spoke deeply to Jolene, who herself has a deep appreciation for life in a rural community. In mid-2021, she gladly joined Brian and Macey as a Project Administrator and general creative force.

Jolene holds a BA in Journalism from the University of Maine, as well as an MS in Organizational Effectiveness and Project Management from Colorado State University. Outside of her work with SCP, she is an accomplished writer and ghostwriter.

Working with this team is endlessly inspiring. Brian holds a deep knowledge of all things rural healthcare, from general ideas to the tiniest of details. Macey’s commitment to building authentic relationships and getting folx to the finish line is both endearing and impressive."