Our goal is simple.

At Stroudwater Capital Partners, our goal is simple: to create a healthcare system that works better for everyone. Making this a reality demands dedication and capital. Often the single largest investment in a community, healthcare projects require serious expertise—and that’s where we come in.

Our process.

Through the expansion of the USDA Community Facilities program, access to critical funding has become more widespread. Still, the process for securing that funding is complex. Powered by key partnerships and years of experience, our proven roadmap for navigating the application process has been modeled nationwide.

Readiness Assessment

We begin by helping you assess whether or not the project will be eligible for USDA funding and is positioned for success- for your business and for your community. Pre-project requirements include five years of historical financials, existing debt prepayment terms and costs, debt capacity calculations, and a drafted plan of finance.


Once we have confirmed the project’s viability, we focus on team building. Leveraging our network of trusted partners and experience in leading RFP processes, we work alongside you to help build the team- everyone from architects to project managers to feasibility study consultants- that will take your project to the finish line.

Environmental Reports

Our team coordinates the highly complex, highly detailed environmental reports and requests an application submission on behalf of the client for the two main environmental reports: the Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) and the Environmental Site Assessment.

Preparing an application

There are four main components needed for the USDA process: a Preliminary Architectural Report, A Financial Feasibility Study, Appraisal Reports, and an Environmental Review. We work with you to compile all of these once a project team is in place and the relevant parties are engaged to ensure a smooth approval process with our partners at the USDA.

USDA Review Process

Our job doesn’t stop when an application is turned in, and our team works closely with the USDA to answer any questions that may arise during the review process.

Ongoing Communication

Throughout the project, we remain in close communication with you via weekly calls and our dynamic project management system so that everyone is up-to-date at all times.

Financing Arrangement

We help to identify and assist you with evaluating what the lowest cost of capital available- including terms and conditions- to your project will be utilizing our strong relationships with multiple lenders. Our team assists in getting offers from different lenders for both construction and permanent financing, or alternative financing arrangements.

Financing Commitment

Our team reviews the draft letters of conditions and conditional commitments to ensure covenants are appropriate and that you have the detailed information you need to ensure you get to the financial closing table.

Financing Closing

Acting as a liaison, we work with both you and the source of financing through the intricate moving parts of this final piece. Our team keeps the checks and balances of this process organized for you.

What Success Looks Like

As your partner, we will guide you through the entire process, from the project’s early application stages to securing financing. We make your success our success, supporting your project every step of the way so that you can focus on caring for your community.


Prepare readiness assessment
Assemble project team
Complete draft plan of finance

Community Needs

Capital investment planned to community needs


Clear environmental site requirements


Examine financial feasibility and business plan


Secure loan collateral


Submit complete application


Execute loan commitments

Execute loan commitments COMMITMENTS Submit complete application APPLICATION Secure loan collateral COLLATERAL Examine financial feasibility and business plan FEASIBILITY Clear environmental site requirements ENVIRONMENTAL/SITE Capital investment planned to community needs COMMUNITY NEEDS Prepare readiness assessment Assemble project team Complete draft plan of finance BASECAMP

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